I Claim It!


The ability to imagine bigger things and allow ourselves to inspire others is a way of innovating ourselves.

If a girl can’t imagine or dream, how can she possibly create? A big thinker would never get stuck on small visions.

The world needs dreamers to perceive the impossible. Let’s begin imagining our life beyond its current walls.

– By Kimberly Wilson

These words of my all time favorite author Kimberly Wilson reminds me that life are full of colors not to be wasted. We design our own lives and our intentions create our reality.  I have discovered lately how to improve more of myself by reconnecting with my mind, body and soul.

I hope to share with you my learnings how I discovered that life is more than what we expect. c(_)  LIGHT


“Arranged” Marriage

A story that captured my heart.

Love, InshAllah


I am madly in love with a good man.

Next week, I am going to marry another.

I have cried more tears this year than I have cried in my entire life. I have been brought so low that I cannot see a way out. I no longer trust my own judgment, my own thoughts, my own brain or heart. I used to be amazing. Now I am a mere shadow of who I used to be.

You read about stories like this. But you never understand how it could happen now, in the 21st century.  You never imagine it could be you.

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TWG (The Wellness Group)


I have discovered TWG during my last trip in Singapore. TWG stands for THE WELLNESS GROUP. I was amazed by their product catalogue as they have varieties of flavors to choose from. They have tea bags and loose leafs plus tea accessories to complete your tea time.

The shop’s setup also contributed to its tranquility. They have set its classic ambiance to set the tone to tea time. You will enjoy sipping your tea to a mindful and relaxed experience.

Visit a TWG Salon and Boutique and explore your passion for tea and enjoy the quality of luxurious experience of what they have to offer.

Oh by the way, FRENCH EARL GREY is an all time favorite of mine, but would love to try other flavors. 🙂



Making A Life

No doubt we would all agree with the sentiment: “There’s more to life than things.” Yet much of our lives seem to be spent in the acquisition, maintenance, disposal of material goods. Certainly we cannot enjoy the basics of food, shelter and clothing without a concern for things.

The truly important things of life, however are those which cannot be encountered by the physical senses, purchased with money, or placed on a shelf. When we take a look at what we value most in life we generally find family, friends, health, peace, contentment, laughter, helping others and communion with the Lord foremost on our list of priorities.

One of the ways to get at the “free” things in life is to follow this advice of Sydney Lovett:

“Give the best you have received from the past to the best that you may come to know the future.”

“Accept life daily not as a cup to be drained but as a chalice to be filled with whatsoever things are honest, pure, lovely and of good report. Making a living is best undertaken as part of the more important business of making life.”

“Every now and again take a good look at something not made with hands – mountain, a star, the turn of a stream. There will come to you wisdom and patience and solace and above all, the assurance that you are not alone in the world.”

Meditate on the “intangibles” as you spend this time alone with God. Take a moment to stare out a window or sit in a garden, and undertake the important business of making a life.


I decided to share you this story I read from “Coffee Break with God” to know what LIFE is all about. The author shares with us that there are more important things to consider in manufacturing our own lives. There are important aspects you can share and thank God with…and yes there is more to life than things. c(_)